Mighty Grip Special Formula

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Mighty Grip is a thermoplastic concentrated powder grip aid which is a great replacement to traditional chalk products.

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Mighty Grip Special Formula

The fast acting quick release of MIGHTY GRIP SPECIAL FORMULA gives you the instant tack results that you are familiar with.
In its new distinctive Black Label bottle MIGHTY GRIP SPECIAL FORMULA is recommended for those chilly, hard to function mornings in the studio when you are going up against a cold pole or when regular Mighty Grip powder is just not getting it done.

MIGHTY GRIP SPECIAL FORMULA is designed to release its tack quickly under those conditions or when you feel a mink coat would be appropriate. Don’t fear the chill, no need to worry about the cold, the quick acting fast release of MIGHTY GRIP SPECIAL FORMULA is the solution you’ve been waiting for!

Although just containing 1/4oz / 7grams per bottle, just a sprinkle of powder is needed per application as a little goes a long way and one bottle will last numerous applications, so please use sparingly. (150 applications per bottle)

Other great reasons to use Mighty Grip Powder:

Safe to use for all ages
Patented eco friendly formula
Used in 28 countries worldwide
Does not transfer, pill or stain or gulg
Does not require to be constantly reapplied
Does not contain any silicone, and or cream
It is odourless, waterproof and is sweat proof
Change activity and carry the same tube with you
Use it indoors and or outdoors and in any weather
The Mighty Grip formula adapts to your body temperature
Economical – each pocket size tube can be used normally 150 times for a cost of about 10 cents a time.
For use with gloves first apply the powder to hands, once the grip activates put on the gloves. For best results apply to clean dry skin after stretching and warm up and before starting your activity.

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